he told me that when he met me for the first time, he thought, “in another life, this is the type of woman i should marry.”"Brooklyn Heights." Part of the Brooklyn Love Exchange. Embroidery on antique fabric. 2011Iviva Olenick

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One night,
I will wake up at three AM
And I will roll over
Into your arms.
You will rub my back
Until I fall back to sleep.
I will wait for that.

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Artist: UnknownCity and Colour
Title: UnknownThe Girl (Acoustic)
Album: UnknownThe Girl (Acoustic) - Single
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"He was a shitty person and I was a shitty person and we both thought that we could fix each other"
-11:06pm // 13.09.14 (via uncacti)

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chill hazel grace its a metaphor